The Official Bulletin – Monday 17th February 2020

Meeting opened – 6:30pm - Meeting closed – 8:00pm


For good food, good fellowship and the opportunity

to serve through Rotary, we give thanks.


Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month

Sgt at Arms




Chris Lewis


President Bryce McNair welcomed everyone to the meeting including guests Sylvia and Brett Williams who have moved to Wodonga from Batemans Bay. Additionally, Michelle Faul who is currently a member of Wodonga Central Club but is visiting other Rotary Clubs in the area.  Owen Dunlop and Caitlin Olsson from Wirraminna are here as our guest speakers to tell us about a new initiative they have started to inspire young girls.






Time on Air



Guest Speaker

10th Ted Thompson

18th Veronica Emerson

23rd Jan Marshall

Helen Grills, Serena Griggs, Ted Thompson, Jody Edwards and Alison Redfern.

Geoff Emerson gave us an update on Monument Hill, stage one will be completed by ANZAC Day and Council will then seek input from Rotary for the next stage. The Botanical Gardens are looking to make an avenue of Rotary Club of Albury’s history, this will replace the Rotary Wishing Well. They are also in discussions to improving the BBQ area on Eastern Hill. The next meeting with council is the 7th of May. 

Jean Burke said that the fellowship meeting at Brady’s Hotel was great and invites everyone to join next Monday evening.

We meet between 6.00 and 6.30 the address is 450 Smollett Street, Albury.

Peter Elias told us that the fencing efforts have wound up in Corryong on Friday. This has since been taken over by BlazeAid, with many of the volunteers staying on to continue the great work that has been done. Over the 4-5 week period between 120-130 farms were assisted by 600 volunteers. BlazeAid expect to be in the area working in the area for another 12 months.

Ivo Mol said that Albury West and North Albury Rotary Clubs are looking to have a joint dinner at the new hangar on Wednesday 15 April. More details to follow.

Owen Dunlop gave an introduction to his career as a teacher and principal in the local area and how he has helped to develop Wirraminna in Burrumbuttock. Please have a look at the website

Owen then introduced Caitlin Olsson who is an environmental scientist and educationalist for Wirraminna. 

Caitlin Olsson told us about a new initiative called Sisters who shine whose mission is to:
- Provide young girls with the opportunity to connect with and understand their rural community
from a scientific, cultural heritage, innovative, nature and empowerment perspective,
- improve the wellbeing of young girls in the community,
- help mitigate the stigma surrounding girls working together as a team,
- support these girls in developing the knowledge, skills and confidence required to make the
most of potential career pathways for themselves and,
- inspire young girls to see the strength in empowering each other.


Next Meeting 

2nd of March




ROSTERS for the month of February 

Astor Raffle

21st Feb Rosalie

28th Feb Jean 


Harvey Norman BBQ

14th March 2020

AM –John, Helen and Geoff

PM –Glen, Bob and Winston


Next Meeting Rosters – 

Sgt at Arms:                      Bob

Greeting Table:                Jim and Glen

Rotary Information:        Ted


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Monday 24 February 6.00 for 6.30

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