Flying Fruit Fly Circus Bouncing River Kids
Flying Fruit Fly Circus – Bouncing River Kids
Foundation donation $5,000.00
Indigenous circus skills workshops for young people in our area aged from 10 up. Promoting individual learning and development, and promoting local aboriginal culture. Allows participants to channel their energies into positive experiences, increasing school attendance, self-confident.  Program has a proven track record. Circus program is targeted at young aboriginal people in the Albury area aged 10 to 17. In 2016 the FFFC will develop closer ties to the ‘Black Border ‘drama program successfully run by HotHouse Theatre.  They train 3 hours x 35 weeks during school time. Term 1 anticipated 16 students.
Circus storytelling project – a new outreach community program for the FFFC. We will work in partnership with Acrobats and the Westside community centre.   Undertake an artists-in-residence program – deliver a 15 week outreach theatre and circus program that will explore storytelling through the physical arts for young people at Westside.