Why Join Rotary?
What is Rotary?
Rotary members are enthusiastic, fun loving and active volunteers who give their time and talents
to serve communities both at home and overseas.
These dedicated people, men and women from business and professions, who share a common
interest in helping others.
Each member enjoys business as well as social networking opportunities, whilst giving
something back to those less fortunate, learning new skills and having a huge amount of fun.
Rotary runs countless humanitarian projects both locally, nationally and internationally,
and also partners with many charities worldwide.
Members organise community projects that address many of today's most critical issues,
such as violence, drug abuse, health, hunger, the environment and literacy.
Rotary clubs determine service projects based on local needs.
Joining Rotary
Rotarians are members of a Rotary club.
Rotary clubs belong to Rotary International.
To become a Rotarian you must be invited to join a Rotary club, by a member of that club.
Why would you want to join Rotary?
Ask yourself these question:
1.  Do you have a favourite charity that you would like to support?
2.  Do you want to contribute to your community but don't know where to start?
3.  Would you like to work overseas helping communities to grow / develop?
4.  Would working with other like minded people be of interest?
5.  Would you like to meet new people and form long term friendships?
6.  Would being part of an organisation that can assist you in all of these endeavours be helpful?
Rotary club of Albury can help you achieve all of these things.