Horrie Harrison was a prominent citizen of Albury and founding member and Past President of the Rotary Club of Albury.
The Club named its 30 year service award in Horrie's honour.
Horace Trevethan Harrison (Horrie)                                                                                       (Notes prepared 17th March 2009)
Born 4th June 1902 at Northcote (Melb). Middle son of 5 boys born to Reuben & Elizabeth Jane Harrison.
 As a senior student was Dux of Melb. High. Interested in studying medicine at Melb. Uni. but
family funds didn't allow it, so was projected into the business world.
First employment was with Gippsland & Northern - produce merchants- and first job was actually
counting & sorting eggs!
Soon moved to Colac with older brother Alt, to open hardware store for Castles Bros.
Moved further West to Terang, on his own, to open & manage another branch for Castles.
In Terang meets Isa Jessie Brown & marries. They move to Albury, with brother Alt & wife, to open
hardware store here. Location - Dean St. opposite Foto Supplies current position. Later they move
east to a building next to where Canteen Cuisine is to-day.
It is now 1926, their first son Leslie in born 1927.
1929. Horrie is nominated for membership in Albury Rotary Club by Percy Burrows. (1929 is also
the year of my birth so my life starts with Rotary immediately! Ed.)
Horrie really lived his Rotary at home and at his business, with the 4 Way Test proudly displayed in
his office. As I worked with him for 25 years after leaving school. I was often able to observe his
application of this creed.
(An aside. His four brothers eventually were all involved in the hardware trade - Melb. Swan Hill,
Benalla & Ararat. They operated together in running their businesses, in that they shared
Information & experiences and actually formed their own 'buying group' long before it became a
fashionable move.)
Horrie was President of Albury Rotary Club in 1947-48, also held many other portfolios and was
naturally involved with numerous projects over the years. Three come to mind..........................
1. Organising large food parcels to Britain - supplied and packed by Albury Rotarians and their
Families, (1943.)
2. Welcoming & home hosting the first Bonegilla migrants - Estonians, Latvians & Lithuanians. (1946)
3. Rebuild Albury Eisteddfod Socy., after request to the club for assistance. Horrie took on the role of
He loved his music - played piano 'by ear' very well & regularly organised song sessions at each
Was a teatotaller and spoke out strongly against alcohol being served at dinner meetings. As time
rolled on he was flexible enough to temper his views and accept the existing society situation.
Would never accept a raffle ticket, but would always contribute to the cause for which it was being conducted. (The 'something for nothing' principle did not appeal to him)
When Percy Burrow’s wife passed away, Horrie became his constant companion. They spent a lot of time together, talking, creating in Percy's workshop, travelling & cooking meals - they were both handy guys in the kitchen. They were true friends.
Horrie was a great parent, along with Mother and although we didn't always see eye to eye with him (Oh those teenage years!) there were never any big issues. He taught us a lot!
The family were very proud to see the 30 year service award named after him.
Ray Harrison